About Me: Ashley Amaral

Ashley is an extraordinary product of the modern artistic culture. After attending the Seattle Art Institute, she spent three years in Europe and South America which only seasoned her innate talent and insightful perspective with a maturity that brings even more culture into her photography. Rejecting the contemporary living-room-art look that would please a broader audience, through a lack of artistic integrity, while also refusing to organize her business in a more profitable manner to maximize profits and minimize workloads, she works tirelessly to provide herself with a product that she is willing to endorse.

Without any advertisement but rather depending on word of mouth only, she has garnered the attention of thousands of fans through social media, a plethora of contracts both domestic and abroad, as well as collaborations with local artists, photographers, videographers and designers of repute, all the while maintaining the integrity of her individualistic angle that continues to bring her into the spotlight. Out of the countless commissioned projects Ashley has been begged to work on or to consult, no one has ever expressed anything less than ecstatic appreciation and satisfaction for her work. Come and make your next photo experience her next creation.